What's iLocate?

iLocate is a simple web tool which is designed to help physiotherapists working in Victorian hospital networks to quickly and efficiently locate follow-up services for their patients.

iLocate was initially created by two Melbourne physiotherapists, Anton Glagovski and David Pho. An extensive database has been compiled of community follow up service contact numbers, costs and requirements for referrals.

We are constantly working towards improving the quality of information provided, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this tool, please feel free to contact us.

Why iLocate?

iLocate provides a very quick and easy way to locate CRC, CHS, pulmonary rehab, cardiac rehab, private rehab and chronic heart failture services around Victoria. As well as this, it conveniently provides physiotherapists with the relevant forms necessary to make referrals while still being on the wards. On evaluation, physiotherapists at Monash Health reported that iLocate saved them around 15min of time per referral that they had made.

Can iLocate work for me?

iLocate is currently configured to be used within Monash Health. If you are from a different health network and would like to see iLocate being used in your department, please feel free to contact us.


A huge thank you goes out to the following people for their enormous and generous contributions to the data that you are seeing on iLocate: